Hash Minds Solutions Ltd appreciate the challenges faced by the healthcare industry due to ever decreasing budgets, increased Government scrutiny around waiting times, rising patient expectations & advances in technology. We aspire to add value to our Healthcare clients by effectively managing the twin fold challenge of limited financial strength coupled with political pressure to reduce waiting times.  We establish seamless and strategic business partnerships and offer competitive Project Management and IT development skills through Agile software application development and application management. We have worked on multiple healthcare oriented projects and therefore have extensive healthcare domain knowledge.
We offer proven Change Management expertise and have worked across:
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics/ Polyclinics
  • Bulk drug manufacturing companies
  • OTC and research drugs distribution companies
  • Medial stockists and distributors (C& F agents)
  • Biotech research organizations

Our Healthcare portfolio is ‘designed-to-win’ practice management system that brings about collaboration between doctors and patients accessed via online and offline tools and technologies. We provide:

  • Provision for EMR (Electronic Medical Records) and PM (Practice Management) Workflow management
  • Demographic Patient Index, Scheduling, managing history/charts, reporting, billing, facility management, etc.
  • Development of HIPAA compliant electronic claims management & processing
  • Medical Representatives e-reporting systems
  • Patient´s information tracking
  • Local Surgery Appointment scheduling software
  • HIPAA compliant medical information exchanging application servers
  • Patient Feedback Management and Surveying system
  • Staff Scheduling Software
  • Drugs manufacturing process management
  • Coding and Classification of Patient Records
  • Sales force automation and customised ERP Implementation for Pharmaceuticals industry

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